Delta Dreamflight - recension

första recensionen    Staffan skickade över en länk till mig där kända musiktidskriften Obscure Sound recenserat Delta Dreamflights musik.  Som ni kan se så får musikerna och musikskrivaren Staffan riktigt fin respons. Ålänningen Lars Bomansson kan också som producent och medarrangör vara rikttigt nöjd.

Delta Dreamflight are a new pop group out of Sweden with a penchant for twinkling melodies and arena-ready percussion that steadily evolve from a tranquil soundscape. Dreamy guitar strums set “Wake Up” in motion, but it’s soon lifted by jovial bouncing keys and a sitar-like drone that matches well with a backing acoustic flutter. “Tell me darkness where I do belong, I’ve been searching so on my own,” the vocals sing during the massive chorus, whose entry is marked by a jaunty string-like repetition and a tambourine’s appearance in the excitable percussion. The ending, with a wistful sort of string/piano accompaniment, reminds of the vintage pop work of countryman Jens Lekman; it’s a complement whenever his name is mentioned. Another highlight from the group is “Don’t Forget to Bow”, a serene ballad whose queasy off-key beginning turns into an ethereal spectacle with an aquatic sort of glisten. Keys take on a rippling effect during the bridge, establishing the track’s calmly underwater tendencies even more. These are two fine efforts from this brand new Swedish group, who clearly have a grasp of their country’s innate pop sensibilities.